Technology has become an integral part of convention centers, providing various benefits to both event organizers and attendees. Convention centers are now equipped with various technological features, including high-speed internet, audio-visual equipment, video conferencing facilities, and more.

One of the most significant advantages of technology in convention centers is that it allows event organizers to provide attendees with a seamless and engaging experience. For example, interactive displays and touchscreens can be used to provide attendees with information about the event, while mobile apps can be used to facilitate communication and networking among attendees.

Aware of the importance of technology for our centres AICC Managing Director Mr. Ephraim Mafuru together with some staff from Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC) and its Branch Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC), had an opportunity to meet with TIDEN experts Ms. Miranda Yin who is a Regional Manager and Mr. David Zhou a Customer Service Center from China to brainstorm on ways to upgrade audio visual and imaging technologies at our centres.

The integration of technology in our centres will transform the way events are planned, organized, and executed. It will enable us to provide event organizers and attendees with a more engaging and immersive experience, for example, event organizers can use event management software to manage registration, ticketing, and other logistics, while also providing real-time data.